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When we say or hear, “You know, it’s not easy.” these days, it has got a different depth altogether and probably we are not to be blamed for our indecisiveness. With more and more options coming up in our life with things and people, we as humans tend to sway and then regret sometimes. Most of us have lost that power of decision making because what we see, observe, feel and decide can come to …

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Another day when I find a brilliant initiative by Mayuri and Tina to write 100 word fiction on photo prompts every Friday called #FridayFotoFiction. Here’s this week’s prompt:


My Story:

Attachment. Isn’t it too much of a deep emotion? May it be with a pet, a person, a thing or even an experience?

Aastha booked her ticket costing INR 1 lakh back to her home town. Why would she do so when she was a …

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Thank you. Appreciate it. So nice of you. Well done. Really grateful. The sound of these words and the vibe they create is magical, isn’t it? I came across this wonderful initiative by Tina and Amrita to write about gratitude and this week’s prompt is – One habit of yours which makes you thankful.

Oh the beauty of writing about gratitude. But what makes me laugh as I write this is the habit which …

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Isn’t it unfair? Why did this happen to me? When will things be alright?
How often do you find yourself asking these questions? Quite a bit, right?

I believe there’s always a reason behind every single thing which happens, every situation we go through and every moment of pain and happiness we experience. We can choose between complaining about all the wrong that’s happening or rejoice in the small joys. It’s always a choice. Human …

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When darkness surrounds you and keeps you glued,
To those thoughts of green and blue,
Your self belief will make you make it large,
Never give up on the temporary surge,
If you can’t take it any more, go scream,
Hills, sea, woods or plain paper is your stream,
Let the ink flow, let the emotions cajole,
Hold on to faith and happiness galore…

Good karma and efforts never go waste,
I know it’s difficult …

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