Creative Writing

When darkness surrounds you and keeps you glued,
To those thoughts of green and blue,
Your self belief will make you make it large,
Never give up on the temporary surge,
If you can’t take it any more, go scream,
Hills, sea, woods or plain paper is your stream,
Let the ink flow, let the emotions cajole,
Hold on to faith and happiness galore…

Good karma and efforts never go waste,
I know it’s difficult …

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On some days it is preferable to be thankful about what you have and what you read which makes you feel better about your life. It’s not necessary that every wish of yours shall be fulfilled and every time you wish things to happen at this very moment is possible. Sometimes we just have to let it happen the way it is meant to happen and go with the flow.

I’d like to share a …

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Loads have been said about kindness, forgiveness and inspiration around the world but do we really understand what it takes to be real? A human being who feels so deeply, loves so passionately and waits so eagerly just to be accepted, loved back and taken care of. Maybe it’s a continuous process of change, struggle and patience.

Forgiveness – What does it actually mean? We talk so much about forgiveness, we are taught that it’s …

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