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What is the meaning of Life? What do you mean by living your Life? What does soul consciousness means? What is real meaning of the word Satisfaction? What is the purpose of your birth on this earth? Who is the real God? These are few of the many question which arise definitely in each of our hearts and minds.The basic purpose of my writing this article is to just give a tinch of the realization …
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Search are you what of in?
Is it the pleasure of playing or the peel of skin?
Do you want the peace within?
Or are you in the line of what everyone wishes?
Go out someday and see the sun,
Feel sometime the pain of the gun,
Wipe the tears of a poor one,
And go give a hug to ur lovely mum.
Inner pleasure is of the soul sure,
Why do you find it …
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Birth to death sees no bar is a mother always free,
Child is always for her atpar whatever he does with glee,
Never she discourages him in any initiative he takes,
Hand of her and blessings remain on the head of lucky he.

Compare it when you with the other people outside,
May all not be same but few differentiate themselves,
Never they say what do they for the mankind,
But proves it how deep
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Feeling in my heart and how hard it could hurt,
Never had i thought that this will be the result,
You have gone so far and i can’t hear you clear,
Come on why have you left me with these tears?

Are you happy with your life so charming?
Has life given you everything so overwhelming?
Don’t you ever miss my hug and the cuddling?
Oh!don’t hide it please you have to tell me.

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India ki jo shaan aur gujarat ka hai garv woh hain ahmedabad,
Pyaar ho jaaye jisse aise hi is ki hawa aur karo tum ser,
Kya nahi diya isne aaj mujhe soch bhi nahi sakta,
Aisa hain mera ahmedabad ek anmol heera.

Dosti,pyaar aur usulo ko nahi bhoola yeh kabhi,
Di hain isne panaah har ek insaan ko har waqt,
Na yahan kisi buri parchaaion ka dera,
Aisa hain mera ahmedabad ek anmol heera.

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