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I have no words where to begin,
But I’d like to say, I never wished to…

It’s been a while and you know that,
more than me, more than my life,
you watched me silently,
sometimes I cried, sometimes I smiled…

And all I could do is muster some courage,
to come back to you and fill some life,
trust me when I say I couldn’t,
I really couldn’t myself, survive…

For now, I do …

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Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes I don’t, at all,
What life brings us to, is a surprise, don’t you think?
A prompt, an experience, a moment of joy or love,
We all have something which makes us write…

Today, let me speak of my failures though not in detail,
I have failed a lot, in love, in work, at reality or dreams,
Yet it reminds me every time of who I want to be,…

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Burnt out? Broken? Exhausted? Stressed Out? Given up? Ah, still time? No, I don’t know. Confused? Sad? Can’t see a way beyond this, numb? Happened. Happens. And will happen. There’s no way out, oh wait, there is. But what is that? I still don’t know.

Life is a game or some might call it a puzzle where every piece fits in in time. It’s our perception that decides what we want our lives to be.

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AH! End of another challenge and this is making my heart sink. September and October have been my favorite months because I took part in two writing challenges – My Friend Alexa and Write Tribe. Everyone who writes, knows that how much push we need sometimes to churn our imagination and bring out words to paper and ink to the blog. It has been such a wonderful journey of back to back blogging, reading and …

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Today’s prompt to write from just one song is a little funny to me because Music as a whole is something that has kept me alive till now, it’s a savior and I cannot find one song ever to relate or be grateful to.

For the magnanimity of the creation, I’d have endless words to write but I’d keep it short. Music, with different genres, languages, feels, instruments, combinations, selection of emotions, places, singers, artists …

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