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एक लफ्ज़ में लिपटी हुई मेरी सांस
वोह छन से बिखरे बाल
कुछ आधी बोतल सी सियाही
और मेरे जिस्म से निकलती हुई जान

टुकड़ो में बसी जो यह कसम है
कैसे यह ज़िन्दगी के नियम है
कुछ में कहूँ कुछ मेरी परछाई
आ मिल बैठे हम करे एक सुनवाई

इस आकार पर मत जाना यह धोकेबाज़ होते हैं
इस हवा में मत घुलना यह कहीं और कि माटी है
जो जुड़ सके तोह मेरी

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 Day in and day out, check in to reality and check out with dreams,
We are neither super heroes nor do we possess magic wands,
Why are we then expected to be perfect?
Why doesn’t this wall of expectations break any time soon?

A slumber so full of stress, dreams less & more of crass,
Moving down the hill for a walk full of peace,
Admiring the birds lost in a peck,
And the trees

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The day, finally the day has come which marks the end of this beautiful, mind blowing, mind churning, gut pushing challenge. What a journey, it has brought me closer to writing and as I type this post sitting in a cyber cafe in my home town, it only tells how much responsible I feel towards writing, blogging and the challenge which I took with this one. It’s been a great experience to write 26 blog …

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Time teaches us the best of lessons and most of the times we miss them just at the brink. There’s passion and dedication and then there’s love for everything you do which lends you peace. Memories make us stronger because for every mistake we committed in the past, there’s a better today waiting for us to be experienced.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Yester – This word always reminds me of the best of …

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Beginnings and ends are always dramatic may what the situation is. The high of that moment is momentary but most of the struggle lies before the start or before the end. As this challenge comes to an end very soon coupled with the other challenges in life, it has only proved to me that if you know what you are doing, you know what you want, everything else is just farce.

Today’s word for the …

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