Don’t Dish-criminate!

Equality, Feminism, Rights and so much is into the talking these days and I am not even kidding when I say that these topics are discussed on my timelines across platforms at least twice a day. Good or not? Bringing change or not to the mindsets of people? I don’t know literally because it’s quite subjective.

The world is maturing at its own pace and all we have to do is give it time. The rage might be necessary because these days a lot works out only when we take a stand, scream, try to be the change and after a whole lot of time passing with seasons, we find justice in the name of victory. We have varied opinions, it’s good to have one or many but we need to understand that they are of our own and that doesn’t necessarily make the other view wrong outright. We as humans have lost patience, consideration and empathy. We are eventually losing the art of listening, we are always ready to respond as soon as we listen to the first line with a big BUT,…. Is that necessary? A little more calm, a little more consideration brings more context to the conversation. Trust me on that when I say this for I have experienced it myself.

This “millennial” generation has grown up a lot. We have our youth who has access to information much more than we used to have in our teenage days. It’s quite dangerous actually if we look at it from the lens of wisdom and strength because a lot of this information makes one vulnerable and fragile. The more we are exposed to, the more we are tend to affect ourselves mentally and physically. Maybe, I have one entire piece to write on mental health but will do that later. Today, I just want to focus on the topic where we become better listeners eventually turning into better humans who accept, execute, improve and repeat.

For instance, I am lucky enough to have been married to a person who has the very same life which I lead when it comes to our profession while we are different when it comes to interests but we both relate to one thing the most and that is Respect, when you respect each other’s lives, choices and way of living, your love only grows. We both work, earn, spend, save and strive towards making our lives better together. When she is working late, I don’t hesitate taking up managing the household chores may it be cooking, cleaning, managing the arrangement or imperfections of the house and when I tend to get caught up she takes up the role. We tend to balance so that both of us get enough rest, peace and time to keep ourselves productive. I am thankful enough to have my in-laws where the patriarchal mindset is the last topic people want to consider to speak about. Men of the house are equally responsible for everything as much as the women and nothing is considered as on the plate of only “women” or “men”.

I don’t understand this mindset, when the women of house work, people say “Tu toh ghar ka mard hai.” while when men take up household chores, people say “Yeh auraton wale kaam kyu kar raha hai?”. This generation is not about men or women or equality, it’s all about how we have each other’s back in the times of need. Both men and women wear pants and shirts both in the house and at work. It’s not one person, we can’t survive in today’s world if we are going to work as per medieval times. Today, all we need is both men and women to fill up for one another to have a fulfilling life. We have to move beyond generalization and stereotypes, we have to understand each other as human beings who, after so much of individual struggle are trying to exist, and more of co-exist.

And while we are at it slowly and gradually, all I’d like to say is “Don’t Dish-criminate” please.

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