The First Beautiful Ray of Hope, Love & Despair

 Day in and day out, check in to reality and check out with dreams,
We are neither super heroes nor do we possess magic wands,
Why are we then expected to be perfect?
Why doesn’t this wall of expectations break any time soon?

A slumber so full of stress, dreams less & more of crass,
Moving down the hill for a walk full of peace,
Admiring the birds lost in a peck,
And the trees dancing in their own joy and bliss…

Everyday in love with the silence of the night & morn chirping of birds,
That little silence clubbed with a few pages of reading poems,
A fantasy world of my own uninterrupted,
Empty cups of coffee; read hollowness & stubbed cigarette butts…

I neither know my original purpose nor the value of my existence,
Sometimes I feel hopeless & at other times I feel invaluable,
A hug which reminds me of all my responsibilities,
Maybe a baggage I’ve carried from my past lifetimes…

There’s no beginning, no end, no in between for me to analyze,
A life half filled with a subtle compromise,
All I have is bucket full of words, experiences & straight face,
It’s time to walk back to the universal law of helplessness…

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