Wings – #AtoZChallenge

What if humans could literally fly? What would have been your first reaction now, if you come to know that humans can now grow wings and fly wherever they wish to? No Visa, No Airplanes, No Boundaries. You are free. The exhilarating feeling which gives you a taste of pure freedom. What if?

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Wings – What do wings mean to me? I’ll go beyond the format and share a short poem this time to express what wings mean to me:

Wings are more than freedom,
Wings give the will to fly,
Wings are not just feathers,
Wings are not just materialistic pleasures,
Wings give your soul a healthy pat,
What wings can do to me is a different fact,
Wings, what we all need at this point of time,
Wings, our only savior of the stressful times..

Writing all April for the #AtoZChallenge with words and my interpretations. A little twist to this one than all my previous posts because I couldn’t help but write a little more poetry. 😉

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