Gnaw – #AtoZChallenge

Time, it doesn’t leave anyone without an experience. Week by week, month by month and year by year, we change so much. Weekends, weekdays, short burst vacations or maybe a midnight date with someone you love, we are so absorbed in trying to make the most out of our life. We are chasing a living but when we come across the fact that we are actually chasing stability we realize what we really want is not something material but emotional, and for the fact that being emotional is considered weak as a perception around, no one wants to accept the fact & still run in the mill to show off what they have earned rather than achieved as a personal goal.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Gnaw – To me, the sound of this word immediately knocks off as something which is roaring at me, maybe a situation or a person. Life is the same, it keeps on biting us with bittersweet experiences so that we learn how to be happy in being imperfect. Gnaw, to me is life lessons coming in whatever form & telling me to be alive and kicking.

Signing off for today, if you are participating in the challenge, do share your links and thoughts.

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