Frisking – #AtoZChallenge

As I spoke about nothing being permanent in this world in my post yesterday, carrying on from the same, there are very few people and situations in life which stay so strong in our minds that we can’t get rid of their shadows and sometimes on a daily basis we see flashback and glimpses of the same without knowing the reason why it happened, what was the motive behind that person or situation in our life, don’t you also go through such mind boggling experiences? Share your thoughts.

Today’s word for the #AtoZChallenge is:

Frisking – We are all so imperfect and we know that but we haven’t learnt the art of acceptance, yes it’s an art, to accept who you are, to accept who others are. To me this word reminds me of God checking me for all the sins I might have done, for all the punishments I deserve and then after I am pure, for all the good things I should receive. The meaning of God is different to everyone, to some it’s an idol, to others God is just a powerful light and strength. What is God to you? Tell me in comments.

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