Tattooed Love


Tonight is the one where I plan to devour you as my secret diary,

Every drop of ink etched on your paged skin, I’d love to explore,

The way you fold yourself when you fall asleep,

The way worries settle as dust on the cover of your imagination,

Let them free, for tonight is the one where we are meant to be co-authored,

Do you hear this heart beating as fast as a professional runner eyeing the finish line?

Yes, you are my favorite destination…


As my lips walk down your beautiful neck, I stop by to meet those beautiful birds who found a home there,

My journey doesn’t stop, I am a traveler, you are my road, you are my stop,

The way your breasts captivate me and my eyes drool over the roman language inked between,

I try to decrypt the message you have hidden there for my palms,

They run themselves on your skin to read like it’s braille,

As they pine for more secrets to be unleashed, they haste but you signal calm,

To slow down,

To take time to kiss your nipples,

To take time to watch your lips bite themselves,

To take time to value each drop of sweat trickling down your navel,

To feel that absolute awe of shiver around your waist,

I concur to your body language and its raging desire…


My eyes meet yours, our fingers clenched, our breaths on hold,

The moment of glory is nearing and we both have disowned fear,

The butterfly around your thigh sends a call, as I undress you,

Yes, I remember the colors which reside between your legs, don’t sound so surprised,

Commemorate that evening, when it was just you, me and the swing,

You opened the cage, widened the horizon to let it be free,

I am sure the moans now hit your brain and memories freeze,

Snap back to reality as I kiss your thong,

Pull you close to bring you back to the fry,

Honey, it’s time to make the move, don’t even try,

I love how smooth your skin feels, I miss the ~hope written around your ankle,

Can I kiss it again and again till you believe how much I love you?

Do you want me to prove it all again? and you smiled…


Under those crumpled sheets again, our fire reignites,

Warm embraces, steaming cups of coffee, cuddles and rejoice,

Tonight is the one where I plan to devour you as my secret diary,

Now you know exactly why I love words and so much I write…

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  1. Dr Pooja June 7, 2016 @ 11:24 am

    I always love your poetry Man

    This one is so perfect.

    • adodani June 7, 2016 @ 5:35 pm

      Thank you so very much, Pooja 🙂

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