Inspiration floats around when you close your eyes,

Work around your inner self and disclose the sight,

Take your soul for a walk, I say,

Maybe that’s the only way to feel a little more sane…


Friendships, relationships, chaos will always be there,

But that connection with self, a few more pages,

They will express a lot more than you could ever speak,

Let the ink be your parent, your mentor and your rant spree…


What you feel, what you go through, what you visualize in a moment,

Paint a picture, give your words some life, breathe love,

See the story blossom and be the farmer of your own imagination garden,

Once you come out and look around, you’d thank yourself for the same…


We are all stuck somewhere in a loop of customary traditions,

Of success, failures and ages of numbness,

Between those minutes of depression and horrifying insanity,

Give your muse a chance, let it hug you to infinity…


Topic Courtesy: Abhimanyu Jadhav

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