Will You?

Looking at you, I feel the world contains itself in a jar,

When I speak to you, it feels as if the stars from my mouth lighten up your lips,

Oh, you beautiful source of light, I bow to you,

Will you let me be yours?

Will you make yourself mine? I wonder, I keep wondering…


It was just yesterday when we met, our eyes clasped and palms slipped,

It felt right, it felt meant to be, you were still fearful but I came in and hugged you tight,

I know your fears, you know mine,

I know your epiphanies, you become one for me,

You know my desires, I know your dreams,

If these are the signs, honey let’s let it be,

Will you believe in me even after years?

Will you hold me when I feel broken into pieces? I wonder, I keep wondering…


Hug someone. The American Psychosomatic Society published a study saying that just 10 minutes of positive physical contact with another human being can greatly reduce stress. Vibration. . .raised.:


A million storms, a few drops of rain, and then a heap full of love,

Your arms, my embrace, our reality presented in a vase,

As scintillating as it maybe possible, our story is not unreal,

Don’t let your demons win the battle which angels have overpowered,

Will you let me take care of you?

Will you have faith in me forever? I wonder, I keep wondering…


Life has reached that phase, when it has become so sane,

Beauty awaits our presence and magic graces our togetherness,

Let’s take the plunge, let’s dive into passion, let’s accept the serenity,

It’s time to make a move, it’s time to shine baby,

Will you make it happen this time, for me?

Will you appreciate every inch and thought I dedicated to you? I wonder, I keep wondering…


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