The Empty Draft

Knock Knock… Yes, it’s me. Your draft. I know you didn’t realize it that I could watch you, I could judge you, I could feel you and I could just be you. I am here to have a conversation with you today. And you have to listen to me.

What do you think of yourself? A writer? A poet? A news editor? What? All these are just designations or titles, what do you think you really are? A human being? Ah, there I see you blinking your eyes and giving some weird expressions. I think you agree with me, but do you actually feel human? I am hurt, I really am. You know why? Because, I feel used. I feel tampered. I feel abused. Don’t you think so that you are the culprit behind all of this? Forget it, don’t even let your second thought reach an answer, your ego won’t let you give the right one.

I had to take this step today to come out and speak to you. Why? Because I love you. Yes, you heard that right. I love you very very much. Each time I see you type a thousand words, feel them, go through all the thoughts while your coffee on the table gets cold, the way your hair is messy and the way your face looks tired, it breaks me. You pen down everything so innocently and then just delete all of it. Do you know how empty I feel? It’s like a service person bringing food to the next table and you are supposed to wait for the next 45 minutes. No! It’s not funny, this is serious business and we are talking. Don’t take your face off from the screen, look at me and finish this off. Let’s get over it. Don’t suffer. I can’t see you crying every night with so much talent inside you. Believe in yourself.

You might sell me off once you write me off and be famous but someday you will understand my importance. The way you crumpled me, the way you didn’t care how I  cared for you, the way I contained all what you couldn’t convey. I could have been your best friend but sadly I have to come and explain this to you. Now, make sure you never leave a draft unpublished for long and if you do so, make sure you publish it in a way that the eyeballs get rolling.

One last thing, before you ever feel like removing me out of your life, think twice and take some opinions. That might be one good thing to do. For yourself. Love.

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  1. Raj Vora March 8, 2016 @ 5:04 pm

    Wow! Interesting angle! Will start working on all my empty drafts now! Thanks 🙂

    • adodani March 9, 2016 @ 11:35 am

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Raj. Much appreciated 🙂

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