Brand New Ink

Neither the skies have changed nor the grass,

Look up to the moon and the same old sun,

The dates have flipped like the pages do,

Only to bring you a new set of inspiration…


Same old path to tread with new hopes & dash of smiles,

Those doors which mesmerize you to break open,

Of broken locks and lost keys,

A new destination altogether to go to…


Blue caps of pen & red bleeding fingers of emotions,

The night is young as they say,

Coffee stained cups and parted bruised lips along,

Muse; as you keep looking for in pain…


Turn around and look in their shiny bright eyes,

Strum the guitar, splash those colors & get drenched,

Another season of new beginning has showered upon you,

This time let no regret set you back…


Let incomplete starts reach a closure,

Come may what run as much as you can to feel breathless,

A mix of different recreations, a bunch of mistakes again,

Of making wrong choices and trust issues…


Know that it’s just going to be fine again,

The years shall pass and you will come out brave,

Braver than you could ever be,

Go back to those vintage windows & half baked cupcakes…


Don’t think of the future, just be in the moment for once,

Make it clear to yourself,

You are not a body, you are not a soul,

You are just sparkling dust over a ghost…

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