The Countdown Has Begun

Good Morning. Yes, may what timezone you are in, it’s time to wake up. No it’s not just the end of September but it’s about time when one more year is coming to an end. No, this isn’t a reminder or a wake up call, this is just a simple visit to the best times of your year.

Countdown has begun. Last 10 days to 2015, ah doesn’t it sound anticipating? To me it does. Close your eyes, sit back on that ride and let the accelerator take you to the best times, achievements, moments of failure, moments of nothingness, happiness, down times and much more. It’s been a ride, isn’t it? But don’t you think it was worth? In the moment when you were living it, you didn’t realize why is it happening but today you might have a few answers, might. It’s time to take the next steps as we walk in to the new year. No, no new year resolutions, promises or self affirmations. Just a simple true self talk about how things which went wrong could have been right, things which went right could have been appreciated more and things which are still in pipeline, how important are they.

With the kind of ride I have been through, I have got a lot of hope to look forward to next year. Not just in terms of achievement but it inspires me to know my own potential, my own dark spaces, my own light and my own disowned realities. As I saw the date today, it struck me that the clock is ticking, the dates are turning, the situations are changing, the people are replacing and so many unknown changes are happening real time. We can’t keep track on the go but if we really ponder over the last year, we have a personal treasure box which we can lock, unlock or just stare at it. You got to decide what to do with it. You are your own MASTER. Life has just begun, may what age you are at. As they say, age is just a number and there are never enough of things you still want to do. Agree?

This is to tell  you, you are beautiful as you are, you are strong, you are amazing, you are successful, you are abstract, you are what you have made out of yourself, you are just YOU. Make sure, the coming year helps you bring the best out of you. I’ll sum this up with a short thought especially writing right now for all those who will spend time reading this whole piece:

“It takes time to understand what you did without thinking what time it is.” Here’s wishing you a fabulous 2016, folks. Much love and peace. 🙂


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