Rest in Piece

Skin, my eyes are the favorite part of my skin,

What I see, what it makes me think, what it makes me devour,

At the end of  a long day, when I close them it’s more than an orgasm,

How I yearn to feel those unfulfilled dreams…


I drop my vulnerabilities and insecurities like make up,

I throw my fears and instability like my long worn dress,

I look for a cocoon inside my closet which helps me breathe,

As I lie down in my own house and painted sins…


Inch by inch as those goosebumps talk to me,

Ounce by ounce as those drowsy thoughts act as an aphrodisiac,

The shadow of dark lures me to be a criminal saint,

Turning down all my desires into acceptable norms; clink…


Another morning as the cocoon drops of my smoothness,

I soak myself into a tub of hot water passion,

While I am not yet ready to own those fears and instability again,

I know that the vulnerabilities are a worth a chance.. I win!


Rest in Piece


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