#DoYourHomeWork – A wise initiative by Axis Mutual Fund

Planning. The most important thing in today’s generation. As we see the rise in inflation and merging economies, it’s very important to understand what is your utmost priority as a parent for your child. Their aspirations, dreams and desires vis-a-vis your perception of their goals need to be integrated to bring out the best results.

While we are completely supportive of their day to day homework, the importance of us doing our homework is more important to make them better individuals at a later stage of their life. To make them independent yet being their back is what makes one a responsible parent.

#DoYourHomework very beautifully brought out the message and performed an experiment on how much your child’s aspirations and your perception of the same tend to match or not.


Mr. Samant Sikka, Head of Business Development started off the meet up by addressing the audience on how it is important to know your child’s dream and work practically towards saving in a smart way to make them come true. Followed by him, Mr. Karan Datta, Chief Business Officer continued the conversation on how the inflation in education has made life difficult in terms of saving and supporting your child’s dream. Talking about the conventional and unconventional aspirations, he added that every dream is unique and needs utmost attention and care. He added, “The awareness of aspirations and integration of unconventional world was seen by the experiment.”

Looking at the set up, we all were amazed and guessing to what’s going to happen next?



And then the parents and children were given different boards to sketch their dreams, what they want to become when they grow up, to come to a realization on how well you know your child. It was a surprise to see that 50% of them had different thoughts on what their child actually wants to become when they grow up. Doesn’t this strike a chord? An alarm bell? To start being smart and take actions to live up to their dreams? Well, yes. To me, it was a shocker.







Once the sketches were done, the parents and kids showed up their version of children’s aspirations and the audience was surprised as well. This brought out the point very well that how important is it to plan for child’s future and how it will be useful if you start as early as you can.

The team then shared a video of the same experiment carried across the country with around 9000+ children and how the parents were surprised to what they thought their child wants to become versus what they actually think of becoming. The Axis Mutual Fund team also shared their plans on how they aim to make this plan accessible to every parent via smartphone application, easy amount calculators and personal interaction. This was followed by a Q & A session which was very well taken by Mr. Datta, Mr. Sikka and Mr. Nigam.

Overall, attending this meetup gave me an intelligent insight on how I should plan even at this stage of my life to do my homework. 🙂

Be who you want to be, the world is an open playground. Go, win the world!


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