How I Missed You

It’s that time of the year, how we met a few years back?
Do you remember the hesitation? the way we looked at each other?
How even a handshake used to give shivers down our spines?
And those stares weren’t less than lip locks?

I miss you and the way we used to make love without touching each other,
Those random laughs and cheek close selfies,
How our skin rubbed to make us feel close
and every goodbye was making us want to meet again?

Love was then something else and now is a brighter version of the same,
Love is now what we feel every moment in each struggle,
Love which has made us better human beings
Love which is here to stay for life…

Those fights, those random blame games, those ego wars
Don’t they feel all worth? yes maybe negative but aren’t we stronger?
I love you, still and I will always do
Come closer, I want to make you mine all over again..

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