Obsession. Correlation. Desperation.

A lot has been written and read about OCDs but I have a take on relationship’s acronym of OCD and I decide to pen it down in the form of a post.
I feel these days relationships are at its worst. They are broken, selfish, demanding or just for the sake. There’s no humanity left in love. Not that I am negative about love, relationships or people great at heart but by far how it appears is how it makes you feel.
The world is not a bad place to be but people are making it difficult. For others and for themselves. Everyone has so many desires, goals, ambitions, passion and rigor that it becomes tough to please someone else than ourselves. What seemed to be effortless has become so tiring that we are not willing to give our all. Why? Because these days at an age of 25-30, we feel we have seen the world and have gone through a lot. A lot of us have actually been through cruel times but that doesn’t mean you affect yourself or loved ones around you. As per what I think, these days relationships are in three phases:
Obsession: Wow, I fell in love again. He/she stole my heart and now I am not going to get hurt again. It’s THE relationship I have always been looking for. He/she is the best. Loves me so much. Takes care of me. Thinks of me. Puts me first in everything. It’s beautiful. Life is good. It’s going to be amazing.
Correlation: After a point of time, the differences come to light. Yes, we are different but that’s okay. Let’s accept them and be mature. Oh no, again we came to our basic nature. Ah, it seems so tough. It hurts. Let’s understand why we chose to be together but next thought, fuck logic, it’s Love. We need to be stable. We need to feed our passion and goals. Listen, we are doing it for our future. It takes time and you will have to be patient. See it from my point of view. Why don’t you do it yourself? Understand, it’s not easy for me. You cannot realize what I have been through. No, you are just defending yourself because you can do anything in life but I cannot. Oh wait, let’s leave all of it. Come give me a long hug. Ah, feels reassuring.
Desperation: This is that stage of relationship where after chasing our goals, we are never satisfied of what we achieve. No, I want more. It’s just the starting of my life, please understand. You can wait, right? Come on, don’t be a child now. We are going to be the best. Wait for it. It’s going to be legendary. Congratulations, I am so happy for your achievements. I always believed in you. Let’s celebrate. Next goal is ready. Next peak is far. Next road is again full of thorns. Oh but wait, look back I have someone along. No, they are not baggage. They are your release. Absolutely right. I agree. I shouldn’t have done that. Sorry. No, I don’t want to listen to the apologies. Fuck everything, let’s kiss. It’s beautiful again.
I don’t know how many of you can relate to what I just wrote but I am sure there are a lot of you who can, with every word expressed here. Let me know, what next?

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  1. richa singh November 2, 2015 @ 8:37 pm

    Of course every body can relate to it 😀

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