From The Poet’s Heart 2.0

Decisions and bigger decisions always confuse you. Change is not easy, never. It takes time to digest that you want to bring a change for sure because it confuses, scares and discourages you at first. But if you are sure, you make sure that the change is for good and shall bring you more good.

From The Poet’s Heart has been my baby since almost 6 years now and this decision was not easy. Because it was a complete new interface, a new dashboard, a new appearance and losing a lot of good will which one has created over almost half a decade. But it’s need of the hour and in this competitive world, you need to be up to the mark to even remain present.


With that thought, I took the decision to revamp my blog to a full fledged website. It was struggling, it was like starting from scratch again but it appeared worth. Took the plunge after almost a year of thinking and not doing anything. Not to brag, but the complete process was finished in a matter of two days and that too with minimal external help. YouTube is the best teacher if you get the right tutorial, the right person to guide you and help you move to the next level. Finally, the rush inside me made me do it. Domain was bought, hosting was bought and after careful precautions, the blog was shifted. I was happy that it was done neatly. Next part was design and this is what was going to take a lot of time because even when there are plenty of themes available, to choose the right one for your genre and to customize it, takes a lot of thought. After browsing a few themes, I came across one I thought was perfect for my personal blog. Chosen. Next was incorporating widgets, making it responsive, mobile friendly and categorized. And boom, I was done with it. I couldn’t believe that I did it. And then the Launch.

To sum this up, I would like to just pass one message: As they say, without risk you are almost not living at all. So take calculated risks, invest in what you love to do and move levels as fast as you can. Don’t think about instant benefits but think of long term and live up to it. 🙂

This is my first post on the new website. I am really looking forward to hear from each of you, about the look and feel of website, of tabs, of responsiveness, of theme and of everything you would like to talk about. Let’s connect!

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