Take it under your stride
Don’t let it rule you
Vulnerability is not a sham
Be open, be calm, be honest
It’s okay to cry and shed some tears
It’s tough for us all
You are not alone
Quitting is just a beginning
Forgiveness is a relief
Believe, Love and let it be
To be yourself is not a crime
You maybe imperfect
You might get anxiety attacks
You might fall every day
But you choose to survive
What can be stronger?
Let the good hug you enough
Let the monsters make you learn lessons
Shiver because you got to be strong
Experience every struggle like beauty
Stop measuring each action
Walk away if it doesn’t add to your life
Nothing should stop you
Selfless is not always possible, try
More than anything keep the hope burning
Let it keep you warm
Before anyone tells you how wrong you are
Tell yourself I am guilty
Apologize, Appreciate, Adapt
Uncertainty will help you learn
Make it count, just because you got to give it back
To yourself, to your loved ones, to God..

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