A beautiful song

From the branches of a tree to the roots of a river

And texts which the road sends & sunlight so smeared

I’ll wait for you near the milestone we achieved

To take you back to the memories, visit them to receive

Fulfill the lack we felt & imagination drawn on skin’s niche

Flying across borders breaking all the myths

The last cup of coffee, the last page of that diary

From the pages of a teared past, a clean chit deserved again

Walk through the nightmares, take back the negatives

Photography of the emotions reminding us of within

We can start again the murals of love etched in our heart

Write again those letters, words, poems and despair

Express outright what we contain inside

Just to be, again, just to be

Let’s make it up to the present, let’s not wait for the future

Take my hand, rub my palms, follow the lines it displays

Come back to me, let me come back to you

Break the walls, hug the chains, destroy the cages

For we are one sole ray of light wandering

Over the universe, over the plea

Sweetheart, catch us if you can from the serendipity

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