Paint the town – Dark

As you walk through the wet road, can you see the cloth of your shoe tear?
While you head up to the invisible darkness, aren’t you fearful?
Where do you steal confidence from?
Why do you need to add a dash of arrogance though?

Success, not everyone’s cup of tea..
Failure, something not everyone can heal..
Let yourself be, take the pill..
Gulp the pain, walk up the hill..

Alone is not a sham, beauty is just a glam,
Don’t get distracted, continue with your plan..
You have been betrayed, you are broken,
You have been killed yet you are alive,
You deserve every bit you are deprived of,
Oh worthy soul, just one more second, one more step..

As you walk, you will find mighty creatures there,
Some will come for you as a prey, some as angels,
It’s not your fault if you trust the wrong ones,
We all have been there, just take a stroll..

Remember, you got to come back home..
A place where walls love you,
Ceiling waits to watch you relax,
Windows yearn to play with your hair,
Doors love to be your protectors,
And you see there the person in mirror,
The one who should love themselves the most..

Be there, for yourself! 🙂

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