With that stare on the last drop of seasonal rain,
And heightened skies which dry up so soon,
The raging sunlight which delivers a message,
The calming moon which takes you aside..

Learn to observe the charisma of nature,
To be there amid a chunk of leisure,
Naked feet, Bare mind and a handful of memories,
Walk along the series of your own lullaby..

Fallen leaves have ink all over,
Hardened roots of trees speak a volume,
Shining eyes of the creatures roaming around,
Stop by, just pause by them to nurture and see..

Beyond your reach lies a universe of its own,
Captured by lenses are just photos galore,
To absorb, to feel, to engulf the unwritten literature,
Talk to the sea, have a conversation with the river, sit besides a butterfly..

Break the chains of sorrow, breathe deep,
Everyone was once a stranger, now a friend serene,
Lessen your demands, increase the humility,
You never know when the moment will steal..

Take down notes, fold them and pocket it,
Run your fingers through words, let them speak,
Bring back your passion, live at your peak,
Move ahead of the corrupted minds & surrendered plea..

The story isn’t over yet, you ought to believe,
Your fall is a learning, let it be,
Another morning, heaps of hope to flee,
Not your determination, not your capacity..

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  1. richie August 22, 2015 @ 6:18 pm

    This is amazing. It is tough to pick one as a favourite, but "Naked feet, Bare mind and a handful of memories,
    Walk along the series of your own lullaby.." is just so visual in its own way.

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