From the deepest corners of your heart,
And tiniest room of your mind,
Impractical thoughts galore,
And solutions in no time,
Maybe, Not and Impossibles rule,
How will we ever resolve?
Can there be an easy route?
While we end another chapter again..

Take me through rivers of peace,
Make me believe in a subtle release,
Tell me that everything is fine,
Remind me of the powerful divine,
I have begged enough to survive,
Searching for a place to shine,
Open the doors of your heart,
Let me stay there for a while..

Bruised feet and paining knees,
Of empty hands and hollow within,
I am ready to start all over again,
If promises are kept,
If our future is relaxed,
If this gift of life is another adapt,
If I can breathe free and resurrect..

One more chance I give myself,
To make it happen and kiss success,
Of pressure so much I cannot quit,
Deny I won’t so many blessings, a sin,
Tomorrow again I’ll rise and shine,
For today I shall be thankful and smile,
For I have been wise and foolish so much,
I will believe in the power of trust..

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  1. divsi July 2, 2015 @ 4:42 pm

    I will believe in the power of trust. In miracles. In hope. In magic! 🙂

  2. richie July 2, 2015 @ 4:48 pm


  3. Ashwini Dodani July 3, 2015 @ 6:13 am

    Amen 🙂 Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

  4. Ashwini Dodani July 3, 2015 @ 6:13 am

    🙂 Thanks for reading

  5. partywithneha July 9, 2015 @ 10:22 am

    Love this.

  6. Ashwini Dodani July 10, 2015 @ 7:35 am

    Thank you, Neha 🙂

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