Don’t Let Rains Take Away the Hard Earned Pain

Each one of us have a different definition of ‘Fitness’ and those who are dedicated to not skip workouts, find a way to continue their regular routine no matter what the season is.
Healthy habits are not just difficult to form but to maintain them, sometimes, feels like a task. Especially when it’s raining outside and you are still determined to go out for a jog or to the gym, you are compelled to stay back at home due to certain circumstances. What next?
Here are a few ways you can workout at home & continue with your exercise regime:
1.) Warm Up Jog: Jogging is not necessarily done out of the house. You can jog at home with your hand movements like running and put your feet up and down alternatively. This will give you an energetic start to the day.
2.) Stretching: Stretching is more than just a warm up session. While it gives us a positive start to perform the next part of training, it certainly helps in decreasing stress, balance blood circulation & making your muscles stronger.
3.) Push ups: While we look for strengthening the complete body, focusing on the upper body at the outset has its own perks. Push ups help you strengthen your core muscles. Take proper rest between repetitions as muscles gain strength once you finish exercising. If you are targeting the same muscle groups, make sure you have gaps between all the sets.
4.) Cork screw: This one is an effective exercise for your abs and overall body. Maintain a squat position, thighs parallel to the floor, push yourself up, rotate the torso and get back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise a few times.
For people who do not want to skip out on running and are well prepared, can continue their workouts even during the monsoons. Avoid wearing too many layers of clothes, wear fabrics which will prevent the water from entering your skin & if it’s dark, wear something bright to avoid accidents while running. Keep away the electronic equipment to be safe & apply some petroleum jelly to areas which might get scraped.
Alternatively, you can always do YOGA. It helps you mentally, physically and spiritually. More than just relaxing, it focuses on body postures, movement formations & flexibility. When you cannot go out for a workout, one of the most useful options is YOGA. Surprisingly, you can burn up to 280 calories per hour with Yoga.
To conclude, you can also work out as home, if its difficult to travel to the Gym because of erratic weather conditions.

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