From beginning to the end,
We have a considerable errand,
Not to forget that a reason subsides,
Every time you spill some tears
And by truth, you abide..
Don’t splurge on hurt,
Don’t wait for life to change,
Let it come as it wants to,
A little modification & it won’t be
as you want it to be..
So what’s the use of running behind?
Can you stay at calm for a while?
Why are you so anxious, boy?
Stop counting what you deserve,
Stop measuring each and every reserve,
Let the music make you breathe,
Let you be a free spirit..
Be the music
Be the air
Be the rains
Be the storm
Be the success
Be a failure
Be pain
Be a solution
Be a friend
Be a loner
Be a parent
Be a lover
Whatever you want to, just be~

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