Launch of Nivea Men Deodorizer in Association with BlogAdda

When it comes to bad odor, no one likes to be in a room or around someone who smells bad. Right?
On a fine Saturday morning, I was invited by the amazing +BlogAdda team to attend a launch of a revolutionary product without disclosing the brand or the product. As always they promised me a great time and they lived up to it.
The launch was at Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. As soon as I entered the venue, I came to know about the brand and it was +NIVEA MEN but I wasn’t still aware about what’s lined up ahead. I met the team who were as humble as they always are and I started observing of what was it all about while sipping on to some hot coffee and unstoppable biscuits.
The event started by welcoming us all by Rhea & continued with a detailed discussion by Animesh on why body odor happens, what are the root causes and how one should tackle people with not so likely odor. This talk was followed by a fun activity where a lot of us were blindfolded and were made to sniff a few things and describe personalities according to it. I swear my nose went numb at the end of five different things I was made to sniff. Ha! but it was fun. 🙂
And then the surprise celebrity was revealed. Who could it be? Everyone was feeling that anticipation. It was none other than ARJUN RAMPAL. Everyone was stunned by the way he carried himself and the way he was so humble when he arrived. He continued talking on  the same topic and had a fun interaction with all of us bloggers. There was a quick photo session followed by that and then we broke for some delicious lunch.
Post lunch, it was the actual reveal of the product. The revolutionary product which will not only help you get rid of body odor but also help you stay fresh all day long. The Nivea team came on the stage and threw some light on how it is a stigma and everyone feels shy or embarrassed while talking about it.
And then it was REVEALED. Arjun Rampal appeared on the stage again revealing the product – Nivea Men Deodorizer. The official TVC was also revealed to us for the first time. Then was a round of Q & A with Arjun Rampal & Rakshit Hargave (MD, Nivea India Pvt Ltd).
All in all it was an absolutely amazing launch and I have personally used the product which is amazing. 🙂
I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea.

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