GO. GOA. AND. #LiveLodgycal in Association with BlogAdda & Renault India

GOA. As soon as this word comes to your mind, heart & ears, all you can think of is, a break, experience, fun, joy, living life and just smiling. I was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing trip arranged by BlogAdda & Renault India, where they chose the best bloggers (I am not saying that, they said that ;)) across the country to take on a wonderful trip and forget logic but experience Lodgy. What’s Lodgy? – The amazing new MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle by Renault India. It might surprise you but till now, I had not been to Goa and I was blessed with this experience to see Goa with BlogAdda and Renault India team. Also, we were given some crazy creatives to share on our profiles 😉
It was raining that day and Mumbai roads were getting water logged, everyone is excited, BlogAdda team is making sure everyone is on time for the flight and reaches Goa soon to have a blast. I reached the airport say 4 hours before the flight, surprisingly I found no traffic as most of the schools, colleges and offices were closed. The flight got delayed by an hour but as they say, patience pays.
Bhumika Thakkar & I were on the last flight to Goa. All the bloggers and contest winners had reached and were already sharing amazing pictures where we were supposed to stay. Guess where? – The Leela Hotels, Goa. Oh, I was so excited already. Finally our flight took off and here we landed in Goa, at around 6 PM. The weather was fabulous and I was already so pumped about it.
We reached and there was a little of introduction and then Manish from Renault took us through the features of this amazing car and then we ended day 1 with a delicious dinner and some interaction with the bloggers and team. We all were divided into teams of 4 and were supposed to choose a name for our team. Ours was Team Lodgysticks – Ashwini Dodani, Neha Kapoor, Bhumika Thakkar & Deepak Amembal Sir.
Each one of us were given this luxurious villa type rooms and were welcomed with personalized welcome cards, ids and renault shirts. Day 2 was all set and the itinerary was so exciting that we all couldn’t wait.
After a sumptuous breakfast, it was the flag off time and all of us left in individual Lodgys for the amazing 25 km ride to The Lalit Palace for lunch. During the ride, there were some amazing activities, like spotting a few things, taking pictures, posing with the car, taking wacky photos and videos before we actually reached The Lalit.
As soon as we reached The Lalit, we visited its private beach and went around the amazing golf course and then was lunch time. Post lunch, we gave some media bytes (read like a boss) and drove back to The Leela Hotel. There was so much of greenery around that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. After a couple of hours of rest, was planned a session with a few people who have made it big by being a part of Blogging. The talks were amazingly inspiring and then was a panel discussion between a few people who actually blog every day and have made it their profession.
And then what? Then was the real time – PARTY TIME. It was Goa’s best band performing live for us, food and drinks were on the house and everyone was dancing to the tunes of some crazy songs. Day 2 ended on a very happy note.
Finally it was Day 3 and we all wished that this trip never ended. Again some amazing breakfast and then I went across the private beach of The Leela and spent some me time there, clicked some photographs, had a beautiful conversation with my roommate – Mr Amembal and then was the time to leave. Sigh, I wish it actually never ended.
Here’s the happy team at the end of the trip:
All in all, it was an amazing experience and from my heart, I thank Team BlogAdda and Team Renault India for making me a part of this beautiful journey. 🙂 Three Cheers – Hip Hip Hurray!

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India

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