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Isn’t the heat already killing us all? Isn’t the regular routine boring us already? Isn’t it the best time to take a break? Ah, a yes to all the answers but no plans made every weekend. Amid all this, +BlogAdda  decided to make it easy for a few bloggers and to be fortunate, I was one of them.
They invited me to attend a bloggers meet in association with Tata Motors and very subtly didn’t give out what it was all about but when asked for a little more detail, they gave out that it was a lovely day planned with amazing activities including a drive till Tiger Point, Lonavla. Whoa, the plan made itself, for me.
How it started? Well, with a sumptuous breakfast at Cafe Infinito:
It was followed by a sweet explanation about the car by Udit and Ashish Sahni, about how we are going to experience a brilliant Bolt Drive. All the bloggers were divided into a team of three and a guide who was supposed to keep us updated on the activities, route and to entertain us. 😉 One of the best part of the drive was that there was this anonymous “Captain Bolt” who had each and every detail of all the cars and kept calling us to ask our experience, once in a while.
Our first creative stint was getting a creative picture of our team and it was something like this:
We had Sunita, the only grandmother blogger among us all and to tell you, she was a fabulous person to meet. A published author with three blogs updated each day and not to forget, a brilliant driver. Our first pitstop was at MMRDA ground where we had to take two rounds each and test the suspension. While the car went over the rocky roads, we were given a board with a dotted bolt over it and we had to join the dots. Here’s how it went:
Next was the pit stop to refill the amazing chillers loaded in the car with wafers, biscuits and juice. And after that I took over the drive till the lunch stop. Wow, I had not driven since one year and I didn’t find it difficult at all to drive this amazing car. See how happy I felt while I was at the driver seat.
The funny thing is that I told my fellow mates to pray for a minute before I started driving. HAHA! This drive was till Triose mall, Lonavla. A buffet lunch was set up for all of us where everyone socialized, ate and gave a few media bytes like a CELEBRITY. 😉
Here’s a view of those amazing Tata Bolts from the lunch venue:
Ankit, one of our team members took over from here till we reached Tiger Point. He drove like a pro on the curvy roads till the top and finally we reached. The prodigious view at the top made everyone feel ecstatic. Here we were supposed to take unique and creative pictures, the best pictures win a prize.
Can you feel the amazing feeling even from this picture? It was fantastic.
And then we moved back towards Mumbai. But you know the sweet folks at BlogAdda, they won’t let us go without a heartwarming chat. So our last stop was at Cafe Coffee Day, where the winners for the contest were announced. I couldn’t help but click a picture of the amazing team of BlogAdda. 🙂
After a day full of activities and fun, they understood that we might be tired. So every team was assigned a driver to drop us back. I just slept off with my favorite music on and the wonderfully chilling A.C in the Tata Bolt.
The best thing I loved personally about the car was its music player. You don’t have to enhance it at all. The effect is so brilliant, I am sure you are going to love it. Here’s a video while we were moving back. 🙂 This sums up the beauty of the trip.
Each one of us were given a few goodies as a memoir to treasure. It was indeed a fun day and the hospitality by Tata Motors and BlogAdda was phenomenal. I look forward to more of these associations. Indeed, A sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.

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