A Slave of Love

Love, such a beautiful feeling,
Some days improper, some nights imperfect,
Yet the wish to keep moving,
The drive to keep smiling,
Have you ever questioned your worth to be in love?
Does it make you feel all alert?
When you lose on words, it captivates,
When you lose on silence, it regenerates,
It makes you slog, it makes you fly,
How will you ever deny?
You give some happiness, you want some back,
All of that unconditional musing feels a slack,
Then why would you want to fall in love?
Why if it feels like a mere barter?
Don’t give it all, keep some for yourself,
Never sell off your respect, keep the imagination intact,
Not a trade off, not a deal,
Love is nothing but moments drenched of care.
Finding love is a myth,
When love finds you, resurrect,
Move beyond comparisons,
Support them in their quest,
Storms guaranteed, Pain inevitable,
Yet feel yourself a fighter?
Go fall in love until you make yourself proud,
And can fly a little higher..

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