Pre-Marital Sex – Yes or No?

Sex – To each its own.
From different parts of the world to different perceptions of people around, sex has got varied meanings, reasons and justifications when it comes to go for it or not. While it might not be a big deal in some country to have sex, the other country might make it an issue as if you have murdered someone and you are guilty. It’s nothing new when I will say that sex education is very important and the doubts related to the same should be clarified as and when they pop up in your mind. I agree that not everyone might be comfortable talking about it to their children as and when they ask questions but a mild start is always a good way to initiate and make your child feel comfortable when it comes to ask about anything.
Making love also known as Sex, according to me is different to every individual. To some, it’s a release of their emotions, to some it comes as trying to come even a little closer to their partner, to some it’s a workout (yes, seriously) while to some it’s just a mere act of indulging with someone just for the sake of pleasure. When we realize that everyone has a different definition to it, how can we put a generalization to go for it or not and prove them that their opinion is invalid?
It’s a choice. I repeat, it’s a choice. A conscious one most of the times and sometimes it’s an unconscious one. If you want to get physically involved with someone, you need to know if it’s the right time according to you and the depth of your relationship with that person. One cannot make you learn how to fall in love or when to have sex, can they? Love and Sex are a natural process which is a result of intimacy, closeness, like mindedness and the will to get involved with each other to satisfy each other and reach the next level of knowing each other. Yes, at every step you learn a lot about your significant other, may it be the way they converse, their choice of clothes, the books they read, the kind of coffee they prefer, the music they listen to or maybe the position they will choose in bed. Eventually you come to know a lot about the person by spending quality time with them. I’d like to quote a dialogue from one of my favorite movies, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: “Kuch Logon Ke Saath Sirf Waqt Guzaarne Se Sab Theek Ho Jaata Hai.” Don’t we all agree at some point of our lives?
In this modern generation, taboos now remain just in the minds of people who refuse to open up to individualism and personal choices. A human brain is conditioned enough to make mature decisions but it definitely takes time and mistakes to understand that which decisions were wise and which weren’t. We still live in a society where buying a condom or a packet of sanitary napkins is something we should do in a discreet manner because if someone sees us buying them, they would judge us, but the point is why do you care? Are they having so much importance to dictate what you should do and what you shouldn’t? Have you given them that power or is your mind too weak to let them overpower your thoughts and image? If yes, then probably you need to get out of that mindset and choose a life which you have defined for yourself, solely.
I would like to sum up this article with just one thought, if you are taking decisions on your own for your life, be ready to face its consequences, if you are ready to take accountability and act responsible, I feel no one is privileged enough to tell you what to do.
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