Lost Hopes & Found Destination

A usual day consists of many things,
situations, people and silence within,
ranging from highs and lows,
we face too many uncalled blows,
the question remains consistent,
and makes us stringent,
why are we still latching on to hope?
why do we believe that things will someday

Another night, another morning, another night,
another evening yet in vain,
what is consuming you?
what are you consuming?
bells ringing your mind,
breaking doors in your heart,
thinking out of the box as you release,
that trail of smoke,
you inhale a bit of passion,
you exhale a lot of obsession,
asking the same question again,
why are you still latching on to hope?
why are you believing that things will someday

Found yourself yet? Nope
followed your passion to its truest? Nope
helped someone going out of the comfort zone? Nope
has this been a happy day all along? Nope
are you continuing to live for yourself? Nope
why are those expectations making you cringe?
why is this existence like a smothering string?
coming back to the original question,
why do you have to latch on to hope?
why are you still believing that things will someday

Lick a little solitude,
Burn hard in your passion,
Breakthrough the mundane communication,
Fight hard for who you love,
Cry out a river and be strong,
Move on from every person who is wrong,
Climb mountains and sweat like a pig,
Fall free in the sky and feel the air,
Play with a tortoise and learn the pace,
Shake hands with a newborn,
Hug an oldie on the deathbed,
Break your smartphone a little,
Swim so deep that you feel suffocated,
Remember just one thing,
Keep yourself ALIVE!

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  1. gairo December 23, 2014 @ 2:31 pm

    nice session of poetry there. 🙂

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