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Not everyone is interested in literature or reading but a few generate their interests in various epiphanies of life and then get glued to the same. I, myself haven’t been into reading much but over time I have read a few books with different authors and genre and I have realized that every author has a different style and every genre has a different taste and readership.
I have always been into non-fiction reading because to me everything which comes as a realization about life when read in a book as an experience by the author, motivates me to read more about life, experiences and much more.
For a change, I applied on Blog Adda to review Ashwin Sanghi’s collaboration with James Patterson’s Private India which was a thriller and to my surprise within a few chapters read, I was glued to it. May it be a song, a book or a poem, I do not go ahead if I am not curious about it at the start. Eventually by the time I finished it, I was glad that I gave time to it and then came my review.
It came as a surprise that I got a chance to meet the author personally and exchange a few doubts of mine on reading, writing and the scope of poetry in India. All thanks to Tata Literature Live which gave me this opportunity to attend this event and meet Ashwin Sanghi and Mr Anil Dharkar, who we all know as a famous writer and columnist.
The discussion revolved around how the readership in India has changed and how people have moved on from physical reading to e-books. The need of variation in books, the amazingly done promotion for your book and the way you proceed in your book was also talked about. One thing which Ashwin Sanghi focused upon was the proper marketing of what you write. He said, until and unless you do not know how to promote your book, the markets where your book will do well and the way you need to stay in your reader’s mind is very very important.
The next discussion which brought in my interest was about Poetry. They said how poetry doesn’t sell in India and people here do not attend Poetry sessions and do not even know who have been famous Poets since poetry came into existence.
After the formal discussion, Ashwin sat with a bunch of bloggers and answered their questions one on one while he gave us signed copies of “Private India”. He was very humble and answered all the questions in a very friendly manner.
At the end we all had an amazing photo session where everyone was equally excited to get clicked with these successful yet kind authors. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I’d recommend each one of you to attend the Tata Literature Festival which will take place in Mumbai at NCPA and Prithvi Theater from 30th October to 2nd November.
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