I shall wait..

Things happen for a reason,
It’s always meant to be,
Definitions is just not me,
I will still foresee,
A future that appears so clean..
There are times when you realize,
A few moments to just mesmerize,
Let it sink and take you through,
Come to me, will you?
The flow never stops, does it?
Words have given me a pause,
To walk together or not, is never a question,
But to make it all worth, is, sometimes..
To not ask for a return, not every human can,
Love you, I have, with all my might and again,
Beliefs so strong, Faith make us hold on,
I know, for a reason we are so true,
I shall wait, I am letting it give me a clue..
We have painted each other with every hue,
For the times to come, it’s all going to be fine,
No, trust me, when it comes to our lives,
I am not just trying to rhyme..
Come may what this time, I am sticking through,
You have been neither a question nor an answer,
For me, you are a conspired universe,
You are a wish, you are a hug, you are a surprise,
Aren’t you?
Let me speak about you in a few million words,
Not published anywhere except your heart,
Let me rule your dreams, your thoughts,
Not just to fall apart,
If you can hear me, shout out loud,
Honey, it’s high time,
Come embrace me to never leave again..

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