Feed A Child – An Initiative by Akshay Patra & Blog Adda

It always takes a lot of determination when you are on the giving side but not really when it comes to the one who is on the receiving, isn’t it? Imagine if we have a generation where there is no poverty, no hunger and no reasons to be depressed about life, wouldn’t the happiness quotient go high? It all starts with awareness. One needs to know the need of the moment and child education, hunger and shelter have had been the most common problems of the nation or I can say the entire world. Every city, state or country have a whole lot of homeless and hungry people who might be determined enough to make a difference to the world but are devoid of resources. All we do is feel sad for them and move on. It shouldn’t end there, right? Any initiative which helps eradicate the problems of this modern generation is applaud worthy and not just I am doing my bit right now, but I would request each one of you reading this to write one blog post for this brilliant initiative by Akshay Patra.
If the children having talent and the passion to add to the world are provided with enough resources, you never know a lot of problems can be solved. A lot of problems which might or might not concern you but you cannot be self centric. It’s time to break the bar, it’s time to make a difference and it’s time to step out of a zone where we just think about “our” benefit and lives.
As they say, the future is in our hands, the youth and one small step taken by each of us can help build a never ending community of a youth which will carry forward the same. It starts with each one of us because even the ocean doesn’t exist without a million water drops and your life has always been a summation of myriad of failures and successes.
Take a step. Make the move. Do your bit. Leave your imprint. Be socially responsible. We all are the part of the same society. Let it be clean. Let it be educated. Let it be hunger free. Peace.
I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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