They don’t lie, do they?
They don’t ask questions, they reply,
How do you not respond to the plight?
How can you just ignore the sighs?

Beauty resides in the core,
Surrender is one of its pore,
From where the river flows,
From where you have found a way so sore..

You write down in words your silence,
You breathe silence and come back inked,
Desires are overflowing,
Expectations are just another justification,
Where do you find some peace?
How do you satisfy yourself and ease?

When they finally close, your soul actually breathes,
Not just sleep, not just death, it’s a beautiful release,
Don’t you agree they are a window to your questions?
Haven’t you found yourself there wandering?

Come to peeping into one’s soul,
They are a masterpiece,
Let’s make it a point to be noticed and notice,
The way we are gifted with a vision,
A vision which leads to a paradise,
A paradise, we’ve always dreamed of…

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