Losing Yourself

Found yourself yet,
or running around in circles,
finding for a corner to sit,
and think on what’s left,
and what’s right to do?
Took a dive into dark seas,
or mesmerized by light enough,
to see what’s deserved,
or just did you let it be?
Pain is ought to make you numb,
but are you dumb enough?
To make it forget your existence,
and snatch away you from you,
and leave you in a spree?
Value yourself, yes do it enough,
from now, this moment because,
there is never enough of a because,
and life is too short,
to be called short..
Are you chained by your thoughts?
Do you listen to yourself?
Have you found a list of questions & answers?
Are you in Love?
Did you just lose a best friend?
Is something bothering you?
Are you free?
Pen down these answers and burn them well..
You might just end up reliving peace..

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  1. SuyashJ November 1, 2014 @ 6:13 am

    It is true, you cannot find yourself until you have lost yourself

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