Expectations vis-à-vis Peace!

Everyone talks about broken pieces with such a pride like it is something amazing to have or good to possess. Our perception on life keeps on changing to what is going on in the world, what is acceptable and what sells.
Yes, you read that right. Emotions have become nothing but another salable thing. While we found platforms to write and express our naked emotions, another set of judgement from people around keeps our way of writing on toes. Maybe it’s human or maybe it’s just the way it has always been but maybe this is not how it should work. At the end of the last sentence, the only word which popped in my mind is Opinion, that was just another opinion of mine which you might ignore.
As per my experience, this world has always been a mix of dark and light, sweet and bitter, colorful and grey and so on. In between, each one of us is caught up. We feel the need of fixing things, we feel the need of vent out, we hope about things being right, just the way we always wanted. But who defines what is right and the so called “Being Yourself?” phase, how much of authenticity does it have?
There are no definite answers to any question of ours and what keeps us going is the reason that as everyone around us has found happiness and contentment, soon we shall too. But how did we forget that comparison always ruins things than help us find a solution? There are so many keywords in my life which have reached that saturation level of having no meaning at all but I still strive on all of them because at some or the other point of time they have proved themselves to be working. This is how human mind works, you believe in something, you find something you wished for and voila, you feel all good about it. But what about the short lived epiphany which might never happen again? Again just a vague hope, faith and belief that things will turn out right and everything happens for a reason.
Last night, my only prayer to God was to help me be someone who stops expecting. I really want to practice this because all hurt is associated with attachment, expectations and desires. No, I really don’t wish to be a saint, but I want to protect myself from hurt. Sometimes all we need is peace, all we need is solitude, all we need is happiness, laughter and fun and our journey becomes all about finding the same.
A lot of places where we read that it’s all within and most of it is true but how often can we feel it? Every other distraction in our life has taken so much of place in our hearts and minds that we don’t have one breath which we can spend on knowing ourselves, where we can be satisfied with what we are and just those few moments of silence where we accept that life is about balance, a sweet balance of everything and you just can’t run enough to find each and everything you wish for.
Have you ever gone through such a situation? If you have, please put a foot forward and comment about how you have overcome this situation and found peace because this might be a blog post but all I am looking forward to, are answers. A few answers which I am unable to find even after nights of introspection. Would you like to spend a moment and put your point of view or just a friendly advice on this post? It is highly appreciated. Gratitude.
Ashwini Dodani-

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  1. Megha Shrimali September 23, 2014 @ 1:58 pm

    More than the world, its you who should accept yourself.
    Start loving yourself, believe in what you do, lend your ear to problems and let the answer come from within. Don't let perceptions deceive you.
    I guess this. Might differ from person to person.
    Stay happy and let the bygones be bygones.

  2. Hiren Chauhan September 23, 2014 @ 2:51 pm

    We all go through this. Each one of us. And as far as I've learned, the happiest people I've seen are those who easily forget.
    We think. We decide to be optimistic. We surround ourselves with positive people. We try and be happy no matter what. But then life throws another struggle, and we are trapped.

    I simply thank almighty for giving me yet another day. And I don't think much about whether it will turn out good or bad. Because at the end of the day, I simply accept it and somehow this gives me peace.

    "Mann Ka Ho To Achha, Aur Na Ho To Jyada Achha" – Harivanshrai Bachchan

  3. Saumya Kulshreshtha September 23, 2014 @ 7:53 pm


    This blog post comes at a very pertinent time, at least as far as my life is concerned. So, I had become rather stoical sometime back in life, till I met some great people, felt great happiness, and got attached to that state of happiness. I became pushy about achieving the same levels of happiness and thrill each day – and as one would anticipate, it all came tumbling down. All of it. And it hurt. It hurt so bad that till date I am recuperating from it.

    The reason why I am sharing all of this is to emphasize on the impermanence of things – including states of mind. I had achieved a higher state of mind when I was detached and stoical, but boundless happiness heaped on me changed me for the worse. And now, having experiences such high levels of joy, I question myself – could it have been possible without high levels of attachment? Sometimes, one needs to throw caution to the wind and expose himself to hurt. I will still go on and expect things. But I probably won't expect too much from my expectations.

    There. A slice of my own, convoluted mind!

  4. sneha mehta November 4, 2014 @ 10:59 am

    We all go through this phase and come out of it in our own different ways.
    Attachment, expectations and a lot of it is very human and there isn't much we can do about it. The best thing we can do is let time play its part and enjoy the highs and the lows 🙂
    I've been low… very very low and then high and this has shaped me more than anything else.

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