Can you Ever Fall in Love Again Just Like the First Time?

Love. Doesn’t even the word gives us jitters every time we read, write or listen to it? To me, it does.
A flash of a heap of memories, nostalgic moments, intimate encounters, places, texts, photos and a myriad of occurrences in our mind and everything just at once. This might just be a try to sum up the word called Love. But is that it? Not really.
To each his own definition and to every single soul who knows more, has none. Yes, once you get through a lot of tough times, experiences, may it be in or out of love, you realize that there is nothing we can do about settling with a definition to a bond because with situations and moments, it keeps changing. When I say changing I am talking about transformation and that might not be restricted to good or bad but just a basic change which would help your relationship form its roots. We need to realize the importance of a relationship from the very start and once that is clear in our heads, there is no going back or unlearning the facts.
Everyone might have a different take on relationships and that is created from our experiences but wise is one who doesn’t generalize things. To understand that every phase of our life is an outcome of our actions, thoughts and the conversations we indulge into and how it takes a shape is in our hands. Isn’t it?
I believe there is nothing like relativity to a relationship, it’s just the way we want it to be. You were neither in a bad/good relationship previously nor you are in a good/bad relationship at present. The core is that you are in or out of a relationship and that is just a reality you are living in.
To cater to the title of this post, I feel every bond you have been a part of, is special and has its own importance. If it didn’t survive, it had a reason known to you both and if it worked, so has it. You might not always get to choose who you want to be with but if you do, you would feel it from within despite of the imperfections in each other.
I’d like to end this post with a short message: “Love while you really can, Stay when you actually want to and Live while you are blessed to be.”
Thank You

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