She is from the sky, the place where the clouds race,
She is from the stars, where the universe smiles,
She is from the mountains, where the regrets scream,
She is from the rivers, where the tears find a meaning..

She is fearless, She is fierce, She is a dream, She is a performer,
She wants to achieve it all in a jiffy,
She doesn’t think twice, She is impulsive, She is the one who can fight,
She is power, She is the one who has it in her..

She is compassionate, She is homely, She is extremely honest,
She loves to live every dream,
She doesn’t want to sit back and keep thinking,
She goes on a ride and comes back with a bunch of laughter..

She believes in memories, She believes in reading, She is a winner,
She never looks back, She is a princess, She never bothers about a castle,
She makes every place she visits a palace,
She is the one who cannot be tamed, She is the one who will blow your mind..

She loves from all her heart, She keeps her mind intact,
She is the face of truth, She is the mirror to herself,
She sees herself somewhere every morning she gets up,
She loves to analyze how much has she bettered every night..

She sings, She dances, She enjoys every bit of her existence,
She doesn’t know any weaknesses, She doesn’t want to know tears,
She is a believer, She is a staunch achiever,
She is a beautiful imprint, She is the most beautiful painting..

She walks like she owns the world,
She sleeps like she palms the eternity,
She is a star, She is love, She is what it takes to be,
She is the one you will always want to have in thee..

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  1. Megha Shrimali May 20, 2014 @ 1:17 pm


  2. shipra Baxi May 20, 2014 @ 7:05 pm


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