Purity in Love

So long since I have written something on my blog and that’s not usual but I am writing somewhere else and that’s what matters but then this place has been my favorite and I can’t stop writing here, because this is the place where I initiated to write.
Reading the topic it seems so cliched because there is possibly nothing unsaid remaining in this world about Love and I don’t yearn people reading this post because I am writing this for myself and the ones who will want to read shall do and will relate to why it has been written. So as the title says I want to talk about Love, yes Love which is not a cage, Love which is not measured, Love not so of this generation.
I might not be old enough to give advice to people about relationships because even myself I haven’t been successful in a few and there is no fear in accepting that fact. Things are not meant to always work out and learning was a word coined for a reason. To come back to the topic, I want to share what I feel and probably more than I feel.
This world, first of all has suffocated the word Love itself by imposing definitions, desires, expectations, frustrations, blood, death, suicide, pressure, family, society and even these terms seem endless, while that pure feeling is crying somewhere in the corner. Not that we can’t have an idea of Love or we can’t know how it works from others but the moment we start relating to others and wanting it in our lives is where everything starts ruining. Love is not limited to a relationship between a girl and a guy. I repeat Love is not limited to a relationship between a girl and a guy.
Love. Love is pure. This feeling resides in the heart of a mother while she is in pain in the moment when she just delivers a child. Love is respect which a son gains in his father’s eyes which makes him feel so proud that he doesn’t even fear dying the next day because he has seen his son being responsible. Love resides in the eyes of that begging child which comes and nudges you for a penny because he cannot have the world like you just to fulfill his day’s hunger. Love is in grand parents’ pamper which makes you feel so loved that you can’t help but cry profusely when they leave us. Love is in that smile which a stranger gives you while you are traveling together. Love resides in your heart when you help every other person who needs it but doesn’t ask for it but you know how it feels because you have been doing the same and are not being helped. Love rejoices in sibling fights and still the possessiveness of protecting each other when life seems unfair. Yes, seems like it’s a lot of philosophy done here but after experiencing a lot in life the only idea I am left with, about Love is that it is in all these moments where there are no expectations, there is no pressure, there is no fear or insecurity, there is no jealousy but just a spontaneous feeling of being there and then being remembered forever.
I know this is a scribbling out of my heart but I wanted to write this somewhere so that if once again I come back to this, I get back to the only idea of Love and which is in its truest form. The only form of Love I have known is about being thankful to life for being fair enough to you a lot many times and unfair when it was needed because else you would have been laid back enough and ignorant about the importance of struggle in Life. Today, God I want to thank you for the very beautiful Life I am leading, for every single thing I possess, for all the beautiful people around me for whom I matter, for such a wonderful family I am blessed with, for the place I am working at, for the place I am staying at, for the clothes I am wearing, for the food I am eating, for the places I am visiting, for the desires I am able to cherish, for every single ounce of my existence and the reason being you, this universe and the reason of me being present here.
I love you my supreme power, you fill light in me, you make me glow, you fill me with abundance, confidence, strength and make me victorious. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I shall love you until I become the light you are. Keep Blessing me as you have been and fill me with kindness as you have always done so that I can pass it on to my fellow mortals. I Love You!

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  1. Skyline Spirit April 24, 2014 @ 12:09 pm

    pretty nice blog, following 🙂

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