Killing Self Pity

With a new year to begin and a lot of goals to achieve in the coming time, let’s welcome this time with a beautiful approach towards Life and because as we start the year it is meant to be, let’s be positive and optimistic about Life so that it just brings a lot of cheer.
Talking about Life, we all have so much to share, so much to express but we seldom do and a lot of unsaid things make home in our hearts and minds, make a decision to either talk, write or have so much power on self that you can destroy everything which has the capability to destroy you. One of them is Self Pity, that unwanted guilt inside us, may it be not performing well in Life, may it be about hurting someone else or may it be not able to understand Life, don’t let these confusions overpower your mind. We all say that it is easy to say but tough to apply but as per my experience it all starts with a thought because if we think we feel like applying, once we try we succeed a little and fail a lot but what is important is that we don’t stop trying because no one is successful in the first try and if they are we name it Luck. Today, just decide that you won’t let yourself down, because when you feel bitter about yourself you cover everything around with the same and may it be any phase of your life, any situation you are facing, it is ought to get affected.
The aim is to keep yourself happy, and to do that we don’t need to depend on reasons like money, people or anything else which has the possibility to again hurt you. We can be happy for so many small reasons which no one would understand and we are not meant to explain anyone than ourselves of those little small joys. Let me give you an example, when every morning I have my cup of tea, I stare the sun and the branches of tree on which the reflection of sun rays fall, I look in to the eyes of that guy on the tea stall of how busy he is in serving and earning his own bread, these are moments which makes me happy. I walk on this sky walk near my house where I come across so many people passing by, some are busy, some are smiling looking into their cell phones, some are walking with someone they Love, some are just running to catch the train as they are late, these are so many moments to observe, to feel for them, to absorb so much energy around and I kid you not, there is happiness hidden in it. I see so many people in my office who are in to their own, some are constantly making the atmosphere funny, some are quietly hogging their food and working, some are gossiping about stuff and when I observe Life like this it makes me happy, it makes me smile of how wonderful this Life is, of so many things we have to do in Life no matter how busy we are, no matter how much pressurized we feel, no matter how many intangible responsibilities we carry on our shoulders, nothing could lighten them like moments like this.
So decide what do you want in Life, more of sobbing, worry and energy drain or smiles and laughter in small things of Life. On this note, I leave you with a question that how do you define Happiness? Let me know in the comments section and let us exchange some thoughts and make this moment, happier.
To quote myself, “When we define happiness we forget that by the time it walks away.” I hope that all of you have adhered to the sparkling start of the year and may this year brings a lot of prosperity to all of you.
Ashwin Dodani-

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  1. → A January 6, 2014 @ 7:27 am

    Inspiring. Very positive. 🙂

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