A Strange Season

As these clouds roar, as these winds blow,
As the floated memories give us a soar,
Remnants of inside bringing out a glow,
To let it be, To let it all just go..

To make it up for one life now,
Rest, Run, Ride on your pride,
Await there a handful of opportunities,
Again you will fall in love with those..

Souls, Words, Experiences make you what you are,
Don’t sit back, this hollowness is just a scar,
Silence consumes you like a drug your mind,
Wake up, you are one of a kind..

Alone you are not, for you have yourself within,
Trust yourself for blessings in store,
Come may what you will fight it out, believe
One Life, this blissful birth, and worth a million deeds..

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  1. Aditi February 25, 2014 @ 8:41 am

    Beautiful image. What inspiring words. 🙂

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