A Dream Holiday

Anticipation of the brewing happiness inside, I look back
Again in the midst of desires, a few collected coins of happiness
To move out and explore the remnants of a smile
I walk towards the lane which is expected to live it up..
Sliding through that pulp of ice, I freeze
Swaying in the air, I clap the hands with birds
Moving between the rocks and river, I relive
Moments which were asked for now and then..
Sitting with a group, a camp fire of memories
Laughter, Insanity and Hugs revamped
Hogging on to those premium delicacies
I sleep and rejoice that slumber’s sneak peek
Wake up to the sunshine again, I get ready
Setting my hair straight to look good in nature mirror
Blushes decorate my cheeks as it does the heart
A favor awaited, A cuddle regenerated..
Stare I, the nature’s beauty
Write I, poems endless on trees
Leave my footprints on that wavering sand
To promise them a comeback soon..
Pack my bags again to reach where I came from
Not that house, not that unrequited lameness
Just to recollect a living cherished while
To dream again and make this Life, a little less fragile..

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  1. Aditi February 25, 2014 @ 8:42 am

    What a holiday! Blissful.

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