Who Is The Real Judge?

Out of words when this life makes,
Who do you put your questions to?
Some answers in flowing breeze unsaid,
Glancing the moon because you are not afraid..

To know how it feels,
To realize you are just going to be,
A little more successful,
Than life ever showed you still..

Affections, Emotions, Tears Convey,
A part of you which you hid this way,
Sometimes words support,
Sometimes eyes say,
Don’t fear, Don’t stay in the cubicle,
A long destined journey awaits..

To be beautiful inside, pray
To be eternal outside, give
To be balanced enough, hug
To leave peaceful, just smile..

All this came to you for a reason,
To make you stronger like a scissor,
Cut you through in to pieces enough,
And shape you to again make
someone appear more beautiful..

These stories never end,
They stay incomplete,
In a few hearts,
And your grave’s agony..

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