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So as it is the last blog post for this year and one of my friend suggested me to write on sharing my work experience, here I am to tell you about a little about my office life and some insanely crazy people I work with.
First of all kudos to the Foxymoron team for being such a brilliant agency, giving me an opportunity to work with them and use my talent to its utmost. The way this organization works is something one cannot define in words, may it be from a flexibility point of view to the crazy people working here to the over time fun and sometimes brainstorming on great campaigns, it has been a really really good time until now and I hope it is going to be bigger and better in future.
I would like to tell a little about my team and the craziness they add to my daily life, so I would introduce each one of you with what they are best and how do they add cheer to the team. 
Starting with the GAM (Group Account Manager) – Shaunak Mukherjee, my Boss, who as we say is always right (not writing for appraisal, Hah) but the way he works is something I am really inspired from. From making presentations, to cracking pitches, to correcting copy mistakes, to handling hundreds of mails every single day, I really adore the way he manages to finish the work in time and with quality. He is not just a boss, but I can anytime go to him and talk about anything in Life I want to. Call him Boss, Brother or a Guide he has added a lot of value to my work and performance. SHAUN DA, WOW. (Saif Style)
Secondly, My Immediate Senior and who works a lot more than a senior, Hormuz Bana, someone I have always got inspiration to never give up on work or nature of clients, may it be completing work at 11 in the night to complete it by 7:30 and leave, he has always been someone who supports me a lot, appreciates me in time and makes me feel to be up to the expectations, not only of my seniors but of myself. BANA, PTA DEKHA? 😉
Thirdly, The Mind Magician, Creative Innovation Manager- Kumar Abhisshek, he is the most senior guy to us and the way he manages to work in deadlines and quality is something we all need to learn from him, may it be churning ideas to chal ek smoke maarke aate hai, he has been equal to all and the one who believes that without the team work nothing is possible, giving credits each time to each and everyone in the team and finally is the charger to the team spirit. Kudos Kumar, we all love you too. Chal Kumar Tere Ghar Aaj Party. 😉
Fourthly, someone who in every team is the oxygen, our Client Servicing Person – Priyanka Gupta, she is the one who handles pressure very well, speaks to the client so sweetly that they almost come down in the bottle and agree to what she is speaking and agree to her point. Jokes apart, a very hard working girl and who has amazing approach and responsibility towards work. She is going to go a long way. Gupta ji 🙂
Fifth, comes our Senior Designer – Priyank Bhatt, this guy has taken over the designs in a very unique way and just telling him what to do, he quickly adapts and converts in to something so unique that not only the client but all the consumers go in awe of his creativity. Priyank, Bhai Jach Raha Hai Post. 🙂
Sixth, our Designer 2, Khushboo Solanki, the most amazing thing about her is that her perseverance to be up to everything that comes to her. She makes the most out of whatever work she is given and has proven herself big time. Khushboo, next time Nasto mane pehle offer karje baka. 😉
Seventh, she is one of the new joinees, Content Strategist – Shipra Baxi, she is in love with the work and works as if she has to do all the work and most importantly she never forgets to do all the work with a smile and she is one of those who adds a lot of noise to the floor, in turn making the team lively. Shipra, I am not being MEAN okay 😉
Eighth, another person who joined a little time after me, Rohit Shahane, this guy has been who works on a client like he is going to eat them up, haha, just kidding, he is one of the added effort without who the team wouldn’t have been able to cope up. Also, he made me a big time EDM fan. So Rohit, Alesso V/s One Republic for you brother.
Ninth, another Client Servicing Guy, Abhishek Raghoowanshi, boss this guy, what do I say in words, even the bosses have gone in an awe of whatever he has done in just a few months, may it be designing, client servicing, flash, social media, and most importantly PREZI presentations, this is a guy who is a multi tasker, a party animal, and someone who loves speed. RAGHU, this one is for you, WHATSUP Bro? 😀
Tenth, one more new joinee, Rhea Malhotra, you can tell she is too similar to Shipra, she adds to the liveliness of the floor, completes the work in time and believes in enjoying life to the fullest. Rhea, don’t worry Priyank will always finish your work and leave then only.
Eleventh, the Design TL, Amyth Kaikini, I haven’t got much to interact with him but he is good with designs and yeah a lot of food, you can count on his desk whenever you are hungry. Good work, Amyth. 😀
Twelfth, Creative Innovation Manager , Lyndon Pinto, this guy and me joined on the same day and the way he frames ideas and work on them is simply amazing, he is one silent guy in the office but his performance speaks a lot.
So coming to an end of a beautiful year, a great time spent at Foxy, I am looking forward to the new year with a lot of awaited happiness, success and heights to achieve. I wish each one of you reading this post a very Happy New Year and may this coming year brings a lot of prosperity to you and your family.
God Bless You! 🙂 – Ashwini Dodani.

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