Reincarnation – Even when you are alive

Life. Such a nice word when we listen to it, when it comes to get a news that someone is born, may it be a friend’s nephew, your own nephew, your own daughter/son, a pet giving birth to a dozen, but a lot of questions get birth too with every breath and trying to find justifications for them makes us define Life. Isn’t it?
Most of the times a new life is welcomed with hopes, with expectations, with a lot of desires, some dreams that they would achieve when one couldn’t, but who knows what struggle they are destined to and what is actually this Life is going to put forward to them to make different choices. It is not about being philosophical but being real, practical and wise, because it is very important to realize how important are you (as I wrote in one of my tweets the other day). What is Life if it is without regrets? (one more tweet) Everything, every thought which takes place in our mind has a reason and every reason has more than two sides because interpreting power of each of us is on a different level and how we have come through, to where we are again differentiates each of our Life. Yes, it does. But again one more thing which was inborn in us, are comparisons and none of us can free ourselves from them, because Heart.
A heart beating, is not just a part of your body but it is a part of your mind, your physical desires, your materialistic desires and nonetheless the spiritual level. A lot of things rest in to this body part and what we don’t understand even when it stops beating is that how precious is this gifted Life. We need to introspect a lot, each and everyday, about our actions, about our thoughts, about our deeds, about expectations from self and everyone around who has helped us grow and in between some distractions eat away all our time span and we fall in to a vicious circle of subtle inbound hollowness. Not that it is not natural but to have a control over our Life is as important as to have a control on our expenses. We have to realize that if we need to budget our expenses, we need to budget our Life too. We are ought to realize how much of ourselves is deserved to be spent and on what. May it be people, desires, peer pressure, expectations, over thinking, Love, Friendships, Achievements and many more factors like this. To have the realization that one day we are going to die is good but to also realize that while we are living how to spend ourselves is very very very important and this is something no one can ever teach us. So spend yourself wisely is all I would say.
So, today just promise yourself that you wouldn’t be lavish on negativity on yourself because yes as they say it is easier said than done but once you will make some choices, face some regrets, drown in a pool of tears and love passionately, I guess the gist of this post will make much more sense to you.
God Bless You All 🙂

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  1. writersrelam December 27, 2013 @ 7:53 pm

    I gotta agree on this one, Life even with loads of regrets is worth living with a smile on your face and Spring in your stride.

  2. Ashwin D March 5, 2014 @ 8:24 am

    Thank you for reading mate. Appreciate it. 🙂

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