An Untitled Rambling – Part 2

There are somethings in our lives that we all go through and can relate instantly when we read it because not all of us can express explicitly our inner selves and that way it goes ignored. In these series of my untitled ramblings I pour out what I keep feeling and when it reaches the brim of my mind and Life, I want it to be written, maybe someday I can come back to it and laugh at it that I was impatient, nervous and scared of what is going to happen in Life next.
Today each of us are struggling in one or the other way but not just a fear to achieve a lot of things in Life but to know how we are going to balance things in life, earn well to have everything and somewhere find happiness in Life, the perceived happiness, a sense of satisfaction to have everything, a nicely decorated home, a car, a bank account with safe amount of money, someone to love you at every point of life, amid all of these those secret shed tears call for you, your energy, your inner pains and something you always ought to ignore because we all don’t have enough time to attend things which hurt us, which rip a part of our heart and still keep us alive.
Yes, the solutions are around, they say it is all in the mind but we individually know that all of this seems tough, we break, we cry, we roar in pain and still strive to achieve success because one life again short to have a heap of worries draining us, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Life seems to change slowly and gradually and the focus shifts to what we wanted to what we don’t have and again a bowl of tears to drown in to, again that kissing the pillow of dreams to hug and that bed which knows all your stories and one person out of these million who would understand your situation, who would possibly console you at that time and leave. Friendships are like this, they are there but they are still not there, family has its own expectations and we can’t just not live up to them, partners have their own set of expectations and at work you just can’t not perform because the only source which sources your fulfillment of these set of expectations. The world is materialistic, everyone around you is wanting and between these consequences you want to run away from everything, everyone to grab a little bit of your own time, your own peace, a little bit of music, a little bit of healing but you know you can’t run, you can’t hide, you have to face it all, you need to be strong, you are a winner and its just that no one knows that, they take due advantage of your weaknesses, you are hit back with a bunch of betrayals, rejection and you are invisibly begging for some comfort.
Where does all this leads to? Regrets, Questions, Hope, Faith, Love, Wants, Success, Pain, What? Do we really know what we really want in Life? Do these surroundings inspire enough to live more? Are we satisfied enough to not ask for more? A lot of questions unanswered and a lot of races not yet run to win. Let me know if you could relate to this with a voice or you will just again hide one more part of yourself.
Thanks and Love,
Ashwin Dodani-  

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