The Love Tracker

She saw in my eyes, gloom defined.
And then she kissed them.
Dreams came true.
Desires went on a toss.
Blurred vision, cleared.

Love is sudden.
It gives and takes.
It hurts though comforts.
It heals and reveals.
It misses you but slips.
Like a butterfly.
Its illusive.

On a long drive, me and you.
Sunshine following us.
Like a blessed gold coin.
Reaching stars.
A million beautiful galaxies.
Just for you.

Make me yours I plea.
Just one desire.
To be loved & not forgotten.
Not just creating memories.
But living together.
In and out.

Like mercy, I was blessed.
You came and never left.
One gift, I asked for.
Someone who would accept me.
With regrets.
With fear.
To be held.

I trust you, not just tell you.
Some silent appreciation.
For your loyalty, for your stupidness.
For your love, for us.
Because,meant to be.

And when the world cursed Love
They stared into each others’ eyes
Their vision made Love
Their perceptions clashed
They bothered to care.

Wondering how you managed
To enter that broken door
Of my heart
Which was supposed
To be sold
At an immeasurable cost.

Beneath trust lie faith
Beneath faith a little smudged hope
Beneath hope a little desire
Beneath desire those definitions
Of relationships.

I bow down to you
Every night I close my eyes
In respect of our Love
Of our struggles
Of our unshaken trust
Of the paths we crossed

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  1. Rutaba Tariq October 27, 2013 @ 12:22 am

    I feel so happy in my heart after reading this ^_^

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