A dreary night, walked alone
that path of destruction
moved away by emotions
struck a chord with self
with that dry stick in hand
trying to blow out worries
just to know that it is all coming back..
Again to me
something I ran away from
those insecurities and
fears making me weak
yearning for something
we all are looking for
because life is meant to
be stereotyped..
No not everyone is strong
not everyone is weak
not everyone is just a hypocrite
its just their way of life
some feel it diplomatic
while others approve
of the same shit..
Yes life has been a struggle
for each one of us
amid that we find some beautiful
people who tell us
to calm down and breathe
for self because no one else
would help you do that
better than you..
Rising up again the next day
weaker yet, burnt by sunshine
wanting nothing but a still life
calm nonetheless fast
to achieve more
to run again behind things
which will eventually
be left without you
crying materials
sobbing walls
gloomy car windows
drenched pillows of sorrows..
I know not what’s next
but I am sure
I am done with asking
for it anymore..

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  1. 3.14-eater October 22, 2013 @ 7:30 am

    You've conveyed a beautiful message. The 4 lines: 3 from Rising up again and the last one are the good parts I could find. Perhaps it'd be good if you organize in a better way and think about how a reader's blank mind is going to respond to these words.

  2. Akila G October 23, 2013 @ 5:50 am

    Good to find you here too! 🙂

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